Identity Branding Revisited – Creating Prospect Attraction

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*For Financial Planners and Insurance Agents *

Already in its fourth printing, this is the most talked about marketing book in the financial and insurance industry. Over 200 pages include the secrets to: Creating a visible differentiation in the marketplace, a client perception of superior value, and ultimately, a consumer preference for you. Don’t miss this powerful book.

In this book, Robert Krumroy offers a cutting-edge approach to creating prospect attraction in today’s skeptical marketplace. His first book, Identity Branding Creating Prospect Attraction, was reprinted four times and is still used in study groups all over America. This new book takes the practical advice even further. It has over 180 pages detailing the newest prospect attraction strategies and case studies to show sales professionals how to open doors to desirable prospects and make themselves a little bit famous in their local communities.

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